Talk about China with Oxford


Key Information

Series editors: LU Ziwen, XIA Guming, James McCall

Type of English: British

English Levels: L1-L9 CEFR: Pre A1-B1


Talk about China with Oxford (TAC) is a set of graded English listening and speaking coursebooks for the primary, junior and senior secondary levels, covering 9 levels and including 18 textbooks.


TAC is based on students' cognitive level and learning needs and uses China as the background of the stories. The interaction between Kankan, Shanshan and their friends, offer lively and interesting storylines accompanied by wonderful illustrations. The series tells the story of China in authentic English, so that every student can have a better understanding of China and be confident about introducing China to the world in English.


TAC is written by a team of Oxford experts using the latest teaching methodologies and is adapted to suit the Chinese curriculum. The series follows the intrinsic rules of language learning while focusing on cultivating students’ cultural awareness and thinking skills.


                        Key Features

With Chinese cultural content as the theme, students can learn English with familiar elements of their native culture.

Students’ understanding of traditional Chinese culture and their multicultural understanding and cross-cultural communication skills can be enhanced.

The appealing design featuring lots of illustrations and a bright, colourful and lively style helps to improve student motivation and engagement.

This series covers a wide range of demographics, so lessons can be taught at various levels and the stories are suitable for adaptation into multiple formats.



                      1. Textbook accompanying audio

You can hear the audio of an entire module after you have scanned the QR code on the module front page.


                      2. TAC readers

The readers are designed to accompany our K12 textbooks, but also work as standalone readers that embody the core TAC goals.


A range of different interests will be catered for with a careful mix of fiction and non-fiction titles, as well as a series of books centered around key figures in Chinese history and culture.


These stories are written in a way to help connect children directly to the stories, making the ancient figures and their legends a vital and relevant part of children's lives and culture.


                        3. Video courses

There are two main types of accompanying video courses for TAC, one for students and the other for teachers.


The listening and speaking video lessons help students study vocabulary and key sentence structures before class or review them after class. The foreign teachers' video lessons can help students deepen their understanding of culture by comparing the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures.


By watching model lessons given by teacher trainers, teachers can learn how to integrate the TAC textbooks with existing courses and design class activities that are both interesting and rewarding for students.


                        4. Textbook lesson plans

The teaching objectives are set in accordance with the latest version of the local curriculum, with emphasis on phonetic recognition, vocabulary aligned to the appropriate level of the curriculum, and the conscious inclusion of Chinese cultural elements to infuse cross-cultural teaching concepts and enhance students’ international understanding.


                      5. Lesson slides

The lesson slides can provide teachers with a reference for preparing for class activities and can help them to better teach and interact with their students in class.


                        6. Drama scripts based on TAC storyline

Scripts are written by a team of drama experts, 2 scripts per textbook. Teachers can arrange 1-2 drama performances per term.


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